An information technology (IT) recruiter is specialized in hiring the best candidates for information technology related jobs in the market.

They help in the recruitment process for jobs that are either temporary, permanent or project based. They look for candidates with technical skills according to the requirement of the company. Usually such recruiters are individuals or in – house recruiters but there are firms and agencies employing IT recruiters as well. An example of an agency is that of BGC group that provides all sorts of recruiters including it recruitment singapore.

Qualifications of an IT recruiter

Some basic qualifications are required for an IT recruiter

  • A college education is a minimum requirement
  • Some have bachelor degrees, while others may have a master’s degree as well.
  • What you major in is not relevant however it should be a technical related subject.

Soft skills such as understanding candidate’s personalities, communication as well as interviewing skills are also required; other skills such as relationship-building, strong social aptitude, as well as effective organizational skills. However, some knowledge on the technical background is one of the major requirements so that they can ask the right questions while interviewing the applicants.

 If you are looking to become an IT recruiter then you need to understand and perform these basic duties and responsibilities.

Duties of an IT recruiter

  • There main job is to passively or actively seek out applicants in the IT sector.
  • Once an individual expresses interest, these IT recruiters try to analyze their skills and performance level to figure out if they are the perfect fit for the job.
  • After passing the initial assessment, the recruiter then arranges interviews for the candidate with various companies that require that particular skill.
  • When the candidate succeeds in achieving an offer letter, the recruiter’s job is to explain company requirements, policies as well as compensation packages.
  • They also help in negotiating salary as well as other company benefits.

The recruiter is like a mediator between the candidate and the client company, and after all the negotiations are completed, they are compensated by the hiring company. These recruiters can either be in-house or belong to a specific firm, in which case the recruitment firm offers compensation on the basis of its policies.