Top factors to consider while picking stocks for intraday trading 

We all know that market liquidity is the most important factor that you must have to consider while choosing the stocks for intraday. But still, people lose money because of few things like FOMO, early exit, pullback fear, and many more. If you are also facing this problem then you must have to pick the right stock which will provide you a quick result and in very little time. You can also visit our site to check the stocks gamma, it will help you in both equity and options trading.

If you are going to find the sites which provide stocks gamma then there are very few sites on the internet. You have to join our site to get the rare data of the stocks and indexes as well. These are few top factors that you must have to consider while picking the stocks for intraday trading:

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  • Liquidity is must
  • Check the ownership of the stock
  • Narrow tick spread
  • Chart patterns
  • Any news flow

Always check the liquidity of the stock before entering. For this, you have to see the depth of the stock like bid and ask price. If the orders get execute very fast then you can enter the trade. You must have to check the ownership of the stock, make sure that it is available to the stockbrokers for trading. Always check the chart patterns and the candlestick patterns before deciding the trade. If the candles and chart patterns show the positive upward movement then you have to go with the buy option. If any news flow in the market then you can trade in the stock as it will react strongly. But make sure that the news will be related to your stock. For news, you must have to read all the market news as it will help you in deciding your trade.