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With a lot of options available today, you can find the list of Thai soup and dishes easily online. Thai food does not any kind of introduction – with the perfect balance of sour, spicy and sweet, textural dishes of the soft and crunchy, it’s the most loved and incredible cuisines across the world. No matter whether it’s the fine dining or street food, there’s something for everybody. But, since it’s not the Muslim country, one need to look out for the pork, particularly in street food, however the benefit of the cuisine that does really well with the seafood dishes is you won’t be left wanting once you get best halal thai soups. So, what are you waiting for and get ready to taste some authentic Thai soups and meals:

Tom Yum –Perfect Thai Soup

best halal thai soups

Tom Yum is a classic Thai soup and is the most popular delicacy and quintessential dish in many Thai restaurants. Its rich and tongue-tingling unique flavors of this soup come fully packed with goodness of the veggies, prawns, and herbs. The perfect beginning for exploring the Halal food here and you can experience the most unique taste while slurping the hot starter, which blends perfectly in the spice & mild-sweetness.

Generally served as the appetizer, but tom yum is garnished traditionally with the coriander leaves on its top. Because of the popularity, there are different versions have started to come of this soup, like tom yum gai that has some added chicken and seafood.