Vinyl flooring – what types of vinyl are there?

The vinyl floor is trendy again. It has numerous positive properties it can be an alternative to laminate or wooden . And not just because of its relatively low price. The luxury vinyl flooring in wooster oh floors are easy to care for, as resistant to moisture as tiles, for example, and are easy to lay. And there are no limits when it comes to optics, from stone floors to oak parquet and tile optics, everything is possible. This means that vinyl floors are equally suitable for all living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

Maple, book, oak, herringbone pattern – PVC floors are available in all variants and can also be visually impressive in the living room. And laying works with vinyl planks in almost the same way as with classic laminate floors. The boards are laid floating on the floor and connected by a click mechanism. Should any part of the floor be damaged, you can even replace it without any problems. Another big advantage over the other floors is that PVC has a sound-absorbing effect. This can even be improved even further with vinyl planks with integrated footfall sound insulation.

Not least because of its water resistance, vinyl flooring is a good and inexpensive alternative to classic floor tiles. And there are also some advantages in this regard, the floor feels warmer on the feet, and you don’t need a tiler to lay it. However, you should use sheets or sheets made of full vinyl here so that the floor does not swell due to moisture. In addition, the floor should be free of unevenness, as these could show through the PVC layer.

The perfect symbiosis: vinyl and cork

Vinyl and cork are two excellent team players: on the one hand, such a floor is very easy to care for thanks to the PVC and at the same time offers the comfort of a cork floor, which stores the warmth of the room very well and is extremely pleasant to walk on. And even with vinyl cork floors, laying them with a little manual skill is very easy to do yourself, you don’t even need special tools, the click vinyl panels can be cut with a common cutter knife.